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Patricia’s Staff

Camie Cross, REALTOR®

Buyer’s Assistant to Patricia Meadows
(254) 522-5353

Camie Cross is from Bloomington, IL. However, considered herself to be a bit of a nomad, until landing in Waco, Texas. Earning a degree in Community Health Education from Illinois State University, she is a Redbird, through and through. “Go you Redbirds on to battle…”

“What is life without the relationships you have with those around you?” Camie is most passionate about the people in her life and foregoing new relationships along the way. She tends to “click” with her clients, as though she has a great sense of what they’re looking for, while being truly passionate about helping them find it.

Camie forge’s a unique bond with each of her clients. She feels, as though this personalizes this extremely intimate experience of purchasing a home.

“Patricia Meadows and her staff is hands down the best team I have ever been around. Patricia has established herself within the Waco real estate market, by her ability to create a unique and personal home buying experience, but she has also continued to thrive by surrounding herself with amazing staff members.”

Fallon Brantner, REALTOR®

Office Coordinator
Assistant to Patricia Meadows

(254) 366-9796

Born and raised in Central Texas, Fallon has extensive knowledge of Waco and the surrounding area. Her background in Human Resources and Business Management make her a perfect fit to manage the day-to-day office operations to ensure an organized, and productive work environment! She provides the highest level of support to the team and their clients.

She doesn’t shy away from creating, learning, collaborating and implementing new, fresh and creative techniques to fast track the behind-the-scene tasks allowing the team to concentrate on what they do best – listing and selling properties!!

She prides herself on being sincere, honest, and thorough in both her professional and personal roles. These skills serve her well, as she navigates raising a large family and being a business professional.

“A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others” – unknown

Cristy Nichols, REALTOR®

Buyer’s Assistant to Patricia Meadows
(254) 716-7147

She is a true Wacoan, born and raised in Waco Texas! Though moving away a few times, herheart always led her back to Waco, where she raised my children and still resides with her family.

After working as a Cosmetologist for years she decided to go back to school and pursue a career in Real Estate. She started her Real Estate career with Steve and Patricia Meadows at the original Graceland Real Estate and with all of their training, encouragement and positiveness SHE KNEW SHE had made the right decision to work with Patricia and 12 yrs later it still reigns true.

The love for her family and her passion for Real Estate is what keeps her focused and motivated to go above and beyond for each of her clients and to provide her clients with a professional Real Estate experience but with a personal touch!

Sherry Wood, REALTOR®

Buyer’s Assistant to Patricia Meadows
(254) 214-4780

Sherry is a proud, native Wacoan who attended Midway for 12 years. After graduating high school, she became a Baylor Graduate as well. She holds a BA Degree in Earth Science with a minor in Environmental Studies. She loves spending time with her family, hiking in Colorado, kayaking and socializing with friends. She enjoys her fur babies, including her horse.

Sherry spent 5 years working with her father in the long-time family insurance business before his retirement. She ten moved on to work in Property Management for 10+ years. Once she discovered real estate, she realized she had found her true calling.