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Patricia’s Staff

Joseph Rosas, REALTOR®

Buyer’s Assistant to Patricia Meadows
(254) 495-2496

Joseph spent a lot of time with family in Marlin, Texas. However, he is from Riesel, Texas, where he graduated from Riesel High School, then moving on to Tarleton.

The area of business Joseph specializes in Residential properties, where he loves helping people find their perfect home, making them feel comfortable, and showing the home. Joseph makes people feel they are number one.

Joseph chose to work with Patricia Meadows, because he had an instant connection, she is motivational, and inspirational. “Going with my gut; felt like God led me to her.”

“I offer dedication and time, that other agents can’t. I make my clients a priority and ensure they are taken care of throughout their buying process. – from the moment I make first contact, to the time I hand over the keys, even helping with first time homeowner questions”.


Camie Cross, REALTOR®

Buyer’s Assistant to Patricia Meadows
(254) 522-5353

Camie Cross is from Bloomington, IL. However, considered herself to be a bit of a nomad, until landing in Waco, Texas. Earning a degree in Community Health Education from Illinois State University, she is a Redbird, through and through. “Go you Redbirds on to battle…”

“What is life without the relationships you have with those around you?” Camie is most passionate about the people in her life and foregoing new relationships along the way. She tends to “click” with her clients, as though she has a great sense of what they’re looking for, while being truly passionate about helping them find it.

Camie forge’s a unique bond with each of her clients. She feels, as though this personalizes this extremely intimate experience of purchasing a home.

“Patricia Meadows and her staff is hands down the best team I have ever been around. Patricia has established herself within the Waco real estate market, by her ability to create a unique and personal home buying experience, but she has also continued to thrive by surrounding herself with amazing staff members.”