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Patricia’s Staff

Camie Cross, REALTOR®

Buyers Agent to Patricia Meadows
(254) 522-5353

Camie Cross is from Bloomington, IL. However, considered herself to be a bit of a nomad, until landing in Waco, Texas. Earning a degree in Community Health Education from Illinois State University, she is a Redbird, through and through. “Go you Redbirds on to battle…”

“What is life without the relationships you have with those around you?” Camie is most passionate about the people in her life and foregoing new relationships along the way. She tends to “click” with her clients, as though she has a great sense of what they’re looking for, while being truly passionate about helping them find it.

Camie forge’s a unique bond with each of her clients. She feels, as though this personalizes this extremely intimate experience of purchasing a home.

“Patricia Meadows and her staff is hands down the best team I have ever been around. Patricia has established herself within the Waco real estate market, by her ability to create a unique and personal home buying experience, but she has also continued to thrive by surrounding herself with amazing staff members.”

Sherry Wood, REALTOR®

Buyers Agent to Patricia Meadows
(254) 214-4780

Sherry is a proud, native Wacoan who attended Midway for 12 years. After graduating high school, she became a Baylor Graduate as well. She holds a BA Degree in Earth Science with a minor in Environmental Studies. She loves spending time with her family, hiking in Colorado, kayaking and socializing with friends. She enjoys her fur babies, including her horse.

Sherry spent 5 years working with her father in the long-time family insurance business before his retirement. She ten moved on to work in Property Management for 10+ years. Once she discovered real estate, she realized she had found her true calling.

Kim Bryant, REALTOR®

Listing/Buyers Agent to Patricia Meadows
(707) 580-8621

Kim is originally from a small town in South Georgia, where she learned the values of community, relationships, and commitment. She graduated from Valdosta State University with a BBA in Management and has taken classes toward her MBA from Liberty University. During the past 25 years, Kim has amassed experience in the mortgage industry, sales, business administration, property management, real estate, and even owned a DIY craft studio. Kim possesses a passion for helping others around her achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

Kim’s unique life experiences as a 21-year military spouse has included 13 relocations across 7 states and provides her with a sincere understanding and appreciation for all of the challenges associated with coordinating both local and interstate moves. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of military relocation, as well as the extreme stressors felt by the family during these moves.

Her family relocated to the Waco area in the summer of 2019, when her husband accepted his final Air Force assignment to Baylor University. Kim joined the Graceland Real Estate family very soon after moving to the area and knows this is where they are meant to be. She values quality relationships and places the expectations of her clients ahead of her own.

“The team at Graceland Real Estate is like none that I’ve ever been a part of. Steve and Patricia have created an atmosphere of positivity and family that helps their agents thrive. We have all the support and resources to ensure our clients receive a rewarding real estate experience, and with the Graceland Team anything is possible.”

Mike Cross, REALTOR®

Listing/Buyers Agent to Patricia Meadows
(254) 522-5151

Even though Mike grew up in Central Illinois, he is able to call himself a Native Texan since he was born in Austin. A lifelong football player, he attended Illinois State University where he played offensive line for five years and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science. During his time as a Redbird, he also met his future wife, Camie.

After graduating, Mike pursued a career in college football coaching. With stops in Chicago, Louisiana, & Utah, Mike & Camie have seen the country before landing in their forever home, Waco. During this coaching tenure Mike also earned his master’s degree in Leadership development from North Central College in Naperville, IL.

Coaching is all about relationships, with colleagues, players, recruits and Mike has a passion for relationships. He is easy going and gets along with just about everyone. He is process oriented and strives to keeps his clients on track throughout the entire home buying process.

“Patrica Meadows and her team are FIRST CLASS. During my wife’s tenure with Graceland I had the pleasure to get to know the Graceland Team outside of work and the family like atmosphere was the main driver to me pursuing my License and joining the team.”

Madison Theut, REALTOR®

Listing/Buyers Agent to Patricia Meadows
(254) 709-1378

Madison Theut was born and raised in Waco, Texas. She has a degree in Community Health that was earned from the greatest university on Earth: Texas A&M University (Whoop!).

Madison worked as a personal trainer for 2 years and also as a corporate IT recruiter in Dallas before moving back home to Waco to manage her family’s business, Butter my Biscuit Cafe. Since leaving the restaurant, she discovered her passion for real estate, where she is helping people find their dream homes in her hometown of Waco!

As a devoted dog owner, Madison enjoys spending time at home and at the park with her 100+ pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, Shiner. She has always been an avid dog lover. As a child, her favorite book was the Dog Encyclopedia and she can identify almost any dog breed thanks to the hours she spent poring its pages!

Madison is dedicated to each of her Real Estate clients, and will ensure each one is properly cared for. She values her individual relationships with everyone and strives to make the process simple by making it stress-free, efficient, and enjoyable.